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As our Institution is imparting Education and Training to the future teachers, we are very keen to ensure that strict discipline is maintained in the college and also in the Hostels. The following rules and regulations concerning the conduct of the students are only illustrative and not exhaustive.
01 Students should enter the college premises before 9.00 am and should not leave the college till their classes / assignments are over. Punctuality should be strictly maintained.
02 They should come in their uniform as has been prescribed by the college.
03 They should wear the identity card provided by the college while they are inside the campus.
04 They should behave decently with their college-mates and create a friendly atmosphere in the college.
05 They should show respect and reverence to their teachers, and to the management.
06 They should behave politely with the office staff while they are dealing with them.
07 They should be regular in their attendance and cent percent attendance is expected from them. They should not absent themselves without prior permission. Failure to do so, will be viewed seriously and
appropriate action will be taken against them.
08 Parents / Guardians / Visitors will not be permitted to call on their wards during college hours.
09 Every student should obey the rules and regulations of the institution that will be in force from time to time.
10 The students are expected to adhere to the above rules and regulations strictly and any breach in this regard will not be viewed sympathetically and the management is free to take any appropriate action
including removal from the college as it may deem fit.
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